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Birthdate:May 11
I'm a Christian who believes in personal relationship and dislikes organized religion. I get angry at legalism and discrimination. I hate and speak out against child and domestic abuse. I am neither a conservative or a liberal politically because I don't believe in supporting the phoney Left-Right Paradigm that controls the government of my country. I believe in human and civil rights and the preservation of both against tyranny foreign and domestic. I believe in peaceful demostration and freedom of speech everywhere, not just in 'free-speech zones'. I support the bravery and patriotism of our troops while not supporting the stupid oil/opium wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that their commanders in chief start under false pretenses, I love science, especially the biological sciences and do not believe that God and science need be mutually exclusive, I believe in equal rights for everyone including gay marriage, I believe in the sanctity of life but do not believe in standing in judgement of others, I hold true the idea of walking in someone else's shoes for a while before judging them, if at all. I love nature, especially the mountains. I live four hours away from the Canadian Rockies and just feel so alive and creative there. I believe in giving a hand-up instead of a hand-out and always with compassion and empathy. I don't believe in unmerited kindness but I do believe in being civil to each other.

On a more personal note, I am married (for now, at least) with two teenage daughters who are the most beautiful women in the world and I am NOT biased in anyway when I say that! I have a Bachelors degree in Education and I want to go back to school to get my Masters of Arts in Psychology once my kids go to college or to live independently (or I kick them out of the nest, whichever comes first;D ). I also dream of writing my very own novel and getting it published someday.

I love to write Fanfiction and so far have written exclusively House M.D. It's my all-time favorite show, even though I do think they new writers because the present ones have butchered the characters and the uniqueness of what this show used to be. I am in love with Hugh Laurie and want to have his babies (I am only HALF kidding!). I am a Hilson shipper, don't even begin to understand those who ship Huddy or Hameron, but I do believe they have the right to be wrong. I don't believe in ship-wars; they're stupid and this is just a TV show, not real life. My writing is almost exclusive H/W pre-slash amnd slash but I have written other styles. I also love writing House/OC fics and am looking into doing a bit more of that in the future.
In the past, I would write what my readers wanted me to write even if it wasn't the original vision I had for the story (I tend to be a people pleaser sometimes and I hate it!). Now I write what I want to write and if people don't like it, that's fine--just read another story. I love comments and constructive criticism (not flaming). My favorite pairings are: House/Wilson, House/OC, Chase/Thirteen. I thought I hated Amber until Sam came along and then I realized I didn't hate her as much as I thought I did. Sam is an abomination and is merely a plot device to drive a wedge between House and Wilson and advance the other abomination--the Huddy.

My head is full of useless trivia so I love trivia games! I like to work fairly independently but I don't mind collaborating with others or working as a team if I know that everyone will pull their own weight.

I'm an amateur actor, community theater, that kind of thing, and love watching really talented, superbe actorsdo their thing--it's very inspiring! I once got a role for an actual studio movie (My husband just joked that it was a porno--IT WAS NOT A PORNO, PENIS-HEAD!)but before filming began I got extremely sick and they had to replace me. Sorry for the screaming there. My fifteen minutes of fame--gone. Oh well, at least I was good enough to be selected, even if it didn't pan out. I've never had the guts to try again, and now I'm nearing 40 so I think my prime days are behind me!

I'm extremely intelligent (even if I don't know how to spell) and I'm humble, too. I love dry wit over physical comedy (unless it's John Ritter--he was a master at it, RIP). Am I the only one who DIDN'T like Avatar?

My favorite food type is Italian, though Thai and Moroccan are pretty good, too. My favorite junk food is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard with extra stuff from Dairy Queen. My favorite cold beverage is Coke, my favorite hot beverage is a moccacino. My favorite color is blue, follow closely by red (I am not a pink kind of gal).

That's about all for now, I guess.

Interests (115):

2001: a space odyssey, 2010: the year we make contact, 3 doors down, alien, american conspiracies (jesse ventura), anything agatha christie, anything true crime or mystery, arthur, auditing courses for the hell of it, bewitched, blood and honor, cassablanca, corner gas, cracked (dr. drew pinsky), crafts, criminal minds. law & order: ci, crossword puzzles, csi (vegas), csi: ny, daughtry, debunking 9/11 debunking, dial m for murder, doa with dennis quaid and meg ryan, dog the bounty hunter, dracula, entire star wars saga, etc., fahrenheit 451, fanfiction, fiona apple, firefly(piers anthony), flight of the phoenix (2004), french kiss, gardening, gene simmons family jewels, golf, helter skelter, hiking, hogan's heroes, house m.d., i robot (asimov), in cold blood (truman capote), johnny cash, kiss--beth, lady antebellum--ready to love again, meat loaf, merlin, michael buble, mythbusters, norah jones, north by northwest, novellas, oil painting, othello (w. shakespeare), pat benatar, paul brandt, phantom of the opera, plain white ts--1234, psycho, reading, rebel without a cause, rihanna, rob thomas, schindler's list, scrapbooking, shoofly pie (tim downs), short stories, signs, singing in choirs, skidooing, skillet, something's gotta give, star trek movie 2-4, star trek:tos, strangers on a train, taliesin, terminator, terminator ii, testament, the adventures of sherlock holmes (granada prod., the adventures of sherlock holmes by conan-doyle, the birds, the count of monte cristo, the davinci code, the great gatsby, the hunt for red october, the manchurian candidate, the memoirs of sherlock holmes, the piano, the prisoner of zenda, the rise and fall of the third reich, the rise of the fourth reich (jim marrs), the sixth sense, the stand (stephen king), the stand (tv mini-series), the sum of all fears, the three musketteers, the who, theory of a deadman, this present darkness, three days grace, three's company, titanic, to kill a mockingbird, tom petty--free fallin', trivial pursuit, true lies, trying new cuisine, two and a half men, uk), vertigo, watching football, who has seem the wind (w.o. mitchell), writing poetry, x-men
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